Top Reasons to Invest in New Relic

Imagine you decide to build a web app that can be an e-commerce website or even a social networking platform. Normally, you will be needing a hosting platform to deploy your changes. You have to either host it on cloud or…

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How does Axeno manage AWS Requirements

AWS support and managed services help you to manage your applications effectively. When you have dedicated teams working in collaboration, you can provide customized solutions to the customers by understanding their complex requirements. The blog discusses how AWS support and managed…

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Why Invest in UX Strategy?

User Experience (UX) is all about improving the end-user experience across different touchpoints. When you design a digital product, you should make sure that it meets the end-user requirements with minimum hassles. If the end-user finds the product useful from a…

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How to Build an Omnichannel Marketing Strategy?

An omnichannel strategy is a way that can help to create a delightful and seamless experience for customers across all the possible channels. These channels provide you with a means to sell and gain value from it. By providing sophisticated social…

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What is Customer Experience Lifecycle in Retail?

The customer experience lifecycle is a series of sequential stages that customers go through before they become loyal advocates of the product. The customer experience lifecycle provides an outline of needs to address at each stage so that customer segments can…

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