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Fintech Trends to Watch Out !

Technology has changed the way the market operates. It has introduced so many innovations that have impacted our daily lives. Whether it is about shopping online or automating a manual process that was taking a lot of time earlier, tech companies…

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UX Research Techniques for Product Teams

Research techniques are conducted with potential or existing customers that are associated with your product or service. It helps to inform the product teams of the current set of challenges that are faced by customers and how these can be solved…

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10 Reasons Why Insurance Brands Are Using Omnichannel Experiences

There has been a drastic change in technology trends over the past few years. Going forward, you will see more and more companies relying on the latest technology trends to gain a competitive edge in the market. The fine line between…

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Top 10 Insurance Digital Transformation Trends to Watch Out for 2022

We are experiencing a remarkable transformation in the global insurance market. This means that you can utilize the power of digital transformation to unlock new business opportunities.You can rely on Artificial Intelligence and advanced analyticsto make more informed decisions related to…

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What is Observability? Why it is Essential for DevOps Teams?

Technology is evolving rapidly. DevOps is transforming the IT landscape and making a positive impact on the way companies operate. DevOps is a methodology that is used in both Agile and Lean setups. This means that organizations all around the globe…

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