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Why Are Brands Focusing On Customer Data Platforms?

The reason behind the sudden growth in demand for the CDP is that now more than ever, marketers are keen on analysing the data to explore and understand customer behaviour on a granular level compared to a broader segment level. The…

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Everything to Know About Data Lake

What is Data Lake?A data lake is a centralized storage solution for many big firms. It can store data in its raw native form without any compression. It does not matter if the data that is being stored is structured or…

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What is a Customer Data Platform (CDP)? & How does it Works

Nowadays, we are dealing with an abundance of data that companies can collect via a number of different sources and channels. But the data they have is usually scattered across several silos-platforms, databases, and systems containing the company’s data that aren’t…

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What is Customer Experience Lifecycle in Retail?

The customer experience lifecycle is a series of sequential stages that customers go through before they become loyal advocates of the product. The customer experience lifecycle provides an outline of needs to address at each stage so that customer segments can…

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Top 5 Omnichannel Customer Engagement Strategies

Today, customers are smart, tech savvy and quite choosy. They have an unparalleled number of options for interacting with businesses, ranging from traditional channels to an ever-expanding range of digital modes. They choose or leave any brand as per their experiences….

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How Digital Transformation Impacts Customer Experience

Digital Transformation is changing the way companies operate. This means that you will see a drastic change in business models taking into consideration the latest technology trends. What is interesting to note here is that, it is not the companies that…

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