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How to Prepare for the Google Optimize 360 Sunset and What Alternatives are Available?
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As you may already know, Google has announced that it will be sunsetting Google Optimize 360, the enterprise version of its popular testing and personalization platform, in September 2023. This unexpected decision has left many organizations who have been using Google Optimize 360 for their testing and personalization needs scrambling to find a new solution. If you’re one of these organizations, you may be wondering what your options are and how to make the transition as seamless as possible. At Axeno, we have developed a proprietary methodology named OPTIX (Optimize to Target Information eXchange) that can help you migrate to Adobe Target in a much faster and more efficient way.

In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the upcoming sunset of Google Optimize 360 and how Axeno can help you transition smoothly to Adobe Target.

How To Select Personalization Platform

First of all its important to understand how selection of a personalization platform must be done and what are the factors that play important role in it, and why Adobe Target is a better alternative.

The selection rationale of a testing and personalization platform depends on a variety of factors. let’s look at them in detail:

  1. Web/digital analytics platform currently in use – Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics 360 (GA4)
  2. How long had you been experimenting and personalizing customer experiences on your digital properties?
  3. Expected complexity of your campaigns
  4. Preferred statistical significance and counting methodology.
  5. Types of digital properties you have, and how many visitors do they typically receive
  6. Specific goals or objectives you want to achieve through testing and personalization?
  7. Level of technical expertise you have on your team for managing and implementing testing and personalization campaigns?
  8. Importance of ease of use and ease of implementation for your organization?
  9. Integration requirements with other marketing technologies, such as CRM or email marketing platforms?
  10. Importance of reporting and data visualization for your organization?

Difference Between Google Optimize And Google Optimize 360

Google Optimize and Google Optimize 360 are both testing and personalization platforms offered by Google, with some significant differences between them. Google Optimize offers many of the features and benefits of Google Optimize 360, but there are a few exceptions.

One notable difference is that Google Optimize doesn’t allow targeting for Google Analytics Audiences (GA Audiences). This means that if your team is interested in targeting a group of users who have exhibited specific behaviors on your site, such as high spending customers, you will need access to GA Audiences, which is only available with Google Optimize 360. There are other significant differences between Google Optimize & Google Optimize 360 and you can find from here.

Alternative Of Google Optimize Or Google Optimize 360

Axeno finds Adobe Target lot more flexible. Adobe Target is a powerful AI-powered optimization tool that provides marketers with the flexibility to experiment quickly, segment audiences, and target post-login experiences. It offers more than just testing and optimization; it also delivers segmentation capabilities and allows for personalization of web experiences.

Below table lists down some differences between Google Optimize 360 and Adobe Target.

FeatureGoogle Optimize 360Adobe Target
RobustnessLimitedHighly Robust
Integration with Adobe SuiteNot AvailableAvailable
Advanced SegmentationNot AvailableAvailable
Personalization CapabilitiesLimitedHighly Advanced
Machine Learning CapabilitiesNot AvailableAvailable
Mobile App OptimizationLimitedHighly Advanced
Cross-device OptimizationLimitedAvailable
Customer SupportLimitedHighly Advanced

*This is independent view of our consultants with their vast experience and needs to be validated with OEM

Adobe Target stands out from other optimization tools due to its advanced features like AI-driven automated testing and recommendations, easy A/B/n testing capabilities, dynamic segmentation, personalized post-login experiences, real-time reporting dashboards, multi-device support and integration with other Adobe products. Moreover, its analytics capabilities are unparalleled as they enable marketers to measure the impact of their tests on customer behavior in order to make data driven decisions. In conclusion, Adobe Target is the ideal optimization tool for any marketer searching for a dependable way to quickly and efficiently test and optimise their website experience.

CX And Adobe Target

Similarly, as organizations look to improve the customer experience, the ability to personalize is essential, and both platforms provide this capability. However, there’s a noticeable difference in executing personalization campaigns. Specifically, Adobe Target allows you to create customized experiences for more than one audience within one Experience (XT) activity. Google Optimize 360, in comparison, only allows one tailored experience for the intended audience.


Axeno, as a Premier Adobe Partner, has developed a methodology called OPTIX (Optimize to Target Information eXchange). This tested 6-step process involves collaboration between our consultants and your digital channel optimization team to prepare for migration to Adobe Target, with a focus on advanced personalization and tailored recommendations to best suit your needs. The process includes understanding your current testing and personalization goals, documenting findings, reviewing your tech integrations across channels, working out a migration plan, implementing and QA-ing Adobe Target, running small activities, and integrating Adobe Target with your tech stack.

Axeno is committed to helping businesses like yours achieve their digital optimization goals with our proprietary methodology, OPTIX, in conjunction with Adobe Target. If you’re ready to take your testing and personalization efforts to the next level, we’re here to help with consultation, product demos, and tailored recommendations. Don’t wait to see the results you’ve been dreaming of. Contact us today at [email protected] for a quick consultation, and let’s get started optimizing your digital channels together.