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How Digital Transformation Impacts Customer Experience
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Digital Transformation is changing the way companies operate. This means that you will see a drastic change in business models taking into consideration the latest technology trends. What is interesting to note here is that, it is not the companies that are driving this change, instead this change is attributed to a customer-driven approach and is all about improving the customer experience across multiple touchpoints. Customer experience is already at the center of any organization’s strategies.

The companies that transform digitally, consistently engage their customers leading to overall customer delight.

Research findings

According to the research, highly engaged customers buy 90% more frequently, spend 60% more on every purchase, and have added 3 times more annual value compared to an average customer. (Rosetta Consulting).

As per Deloitte’s report published recently, companies that have matured in their digital transformation journey reported 45% revenue growth, and 41% of companies had a positive impact on sales and marketing functions as well.

The statistics indicate that customer experience plays a crucial role in an organization’s business growth.

Here Are The Top 3 Ways How Digital Transformation Can Improve Customer Experience:

⦁ Reimagine Customer Journey ⦁ Personalize Customer Experience ⦁ Support Multi-Channel Experience

Reimagine Customer Journey

Customers are now gaining control over the way companies deliver goods and services. That is why it is important to build new experiences that meet their needs and expectations. Customer experience is an important aspect for any organization and this can make or break any brand value. You can reimagine your customer journey to build long-term relationships with your prospective customers and clients.

Personalize Customer Experience

The buyer’s habits change very frequently and hence they want organizations to treat them as a distinguished and unique individual. This is where the personalization of customer experience plays a vital role. Personal preferences and buying trends can be closely monitored to provide a top-notch experience. You can personalize a customer experience by recommending products or services based on their past purchases and recent purchase history.

Support Multi-Channel Experience

Technology has empowered customers to choose different options in real quick time. Consumers are expecting a quick resolution for their queries every day. This means that the organizations have realized the importance of remaining accessible 24×7.

Customers do not rely on a single channel. They are browsing in-store, shopping online, and sharing instant reviews on mobile apps. It’s essential to create a unified digital experience whenever the customers interact on a platform.

These 3 crucial factors can be great starting points for organizations looking to embrace the new digital landscape.

Current scenario

It is imperative for organizations to consider digital transformation without being indecisive as it has a direct impact on customer experience. Organizations need to rely on the latest technology solutions, provide personalized experiences, and provide seamless support for multiple channels to get going.