<p>Digital Transformation of <span style="color:#2B91FF;">LaQuinta Hotels'</span> Web and Mobile Experience</p>

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  • Bilingual User Experience: LaQuinta Hotels needed to cater to both English and Spanish-speaking guests, necessitating a multilingual website.
  • Seamless Mobile Experience: The brand sought to offer an integrated web and mobile experience without building separate platforms.
  • Property Promotion: There was a need to showcase individual properties effectively, warranting the creation of numerous microsites.
  • Personalized Guest Interaction: LaQuinta wanted to tailor its online communication based on customer segmentation for enhanced guest experience.
  • Multilingual Website with Angular and AEM: Using Angular 1.1 for front-end development and AEM 5.6.2 for content management, the website was developed to support both English and Spanish.
  • AEM Mobile & Phonegap for App Experience: The website was wrapped using AEM Mobile's capability in a Phonegap wrapper. This approach efficiently transformed the website into a mobile app, ensuring content consistency across platforms.
  • Integration with Nitevision: The website was integrated with Nitevision, a hotel reservation management system. This enabled real-time availability checks and seamless reservation experiences.
  • Personalization with Adobe Target: Customer segmentation, as defined in Adobe Target, was used to deliver personalized messages to different guests, elevating the user experience.
  • Automated Microsite Rollout: A unique feature was developed to automatically rollout microsites for major properties. By bulk ingesting content, images, and other relevant data, over 100 microsites were launched, each tailored to individual properties.
  • Revamped Web Services Integration: The project involved integration with LaQuinta's revamped web services, ensuring guests experienced a seamless booking process across various channels.
Tech Stack
  • Front-end: Angular 1.1
  • Content Management: AEM 5.6.2
  • Mobile Wrapper: Phonegap via AEM Mobile
  • Personalization: Adobe Target
  • Hotel Reservation Management: Nitevision

Post-implementation, LaQuinta Hotels observed:
Enhanced guest engagement due to a consistent and bilingual web-mobile experience.
Increased visibility for individual properties through the microsites, leading to higher bookings.
Personalized guest interactions leading to improved customer satisfaction.
Efficient booking processes due to integration with revamped web services.


The digital transformation of LaQuinta Hotels' online presence stands as a testament to the advantages of integrating robust content management with advanced front-end technologies and personalization tools. This blend provided guests with an unparalleled digital experience, driving both satisfaction and business growth.

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