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  • Outdated Website Design: The existing website design was outdated and didn't align with the client's evolving brand identity.
  • User Experience Gaps: The user experience had pain points, hindering seamless navigation and engagement.
  • Limited Customization: The WordPress platform restricted customization possibilities and scalability.
  • Comprehensive UX Research: Conducted immersive UX research to understand pain points, aspirations, and user behaviors.
  • Information Architecture Redesign: Rethought the website's information architecture to streamline navigation.
  • Visual and Functional Redesign: Redesigned all web pages, integrating modern visual elements and enhancing functionality.
  • Migration to AEM: Migrated the website to AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) for enhanced flexibility and customization. 
  • Enhanced User Experience: The revamped website design and improved navigation led to an enhanced user experience.
  • Modern Brand Identity: The modern, sleek design aligned with the client's brand identity and values.
  • Greater Customization: AEM implementation empowered content authors with greater flexibility for customization.
  • Seamless Adobe Ecosystem Integration: The transition to AEM aligned the website with the client's Adobe ecosystem.