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  • PDF Dependency: Fox Rent A Car heavily relied on PDF forms for claims and accident reports, which were not fully integrated into their digital ecosystem.
  • Lack of Flexible Authoring: The previous website design did not permit content authors the flexibility to adjust layouts according to various breakpoints.
  • Multilingual Requirement: A need existed for a dual-language website that could serve both English and Spanish-speaking customers seamlessly.
  • Inventory Integration: Real-time inventory checks, based on customer's preferences, were absent, affecting the reservation experience.
  • Transition to AEM Forms: All existing PDF forms were migrated to native AEM Sites forms. This allowed for efficient data collection, which was then directed to backend APIs for processing. Additionally, form submissions were integrated with AEM Workflows for streamlined internal handling.
  • Reusable Components: Leveraging AEM's capabilities, a series of reusable components were developed. Utilizing the Bootstrap grid layout and parsys components, content authors were empowered to make layout adjustments suited for various device breakpoints.
  • Multilingual Support with MSM: The Multi Site Manager (MSM) in AEM was employed to create a bilingual website. This ensured that both English and Spanish-speaking customers received relevant content without any compromise in user experience.
  • Backend Integration for Inventory Management: A seamless integration was established between the website and the backend inventory management system. This allowed customers to view real-time car availability based on their desired date, time, and pickup location.

The integration of Fox Rent A Car with AEM 6.0 led to:

  • A significant reduction in the manual processing of claims and accident reports.
  • A boost in website content authoring productivity, thanks to the flexible layout editor.
  • An enhanced user experience for both English and Spanish-speaking customers.
  • Improved accuracy and efficiency in car reservation due to real-time inventory checks.

Fox Rent A Car's decision to integrate with AEM 6.0 transformed their digital landscape, providing them with tools to offer a superior user experience and streamline their internal processes. This project showcases the power of integrating a robust content management system with organizational operations.

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