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On Thursday, July 13, 2023, an exclusive breakfast event titled "FROM DATA TO DELIGHT SUPERCHARGING CONTENT & ANALYTICS" took place at Adobe Tower, Marathahalli-Sarjapur, Bengaluru. This event delved into the realm of digital enterprise and its relentless pace of work, emphasizing the importance of collaboration across units, departments, geographies, and people.


Despite significant digitization efforts, the manual nature of content creation and collaboration among marketing, branding, design, and campaign teams still posed challenges. Moreover, converting real-world customer behavior data into actionable insights remained elusive.


Complexity within Marketing Business Operations necessitated constant optimization of the entire marketing workflow. This workflow encompassed content creation, campaign distribution, reporting, and ROI analysis. Teams had to efficiently manage the entire lifecycle, from content editorial to delivering delightful customer experiences, every time.


This exclusive event centered its discussions around the power of "AAA" - Axeno, Adobe, and AWS. These three entities, collectively known as "AAA," were spotlighted for their ability to ease concerns related to the Content Supply Chain and Analytics.


The event's discussions revolved around the following key points, highlighting the strengths brought by Adobe's Workfront & Analytics, AWS's product offerings, and Axeno's delivery expertise:


  • Strategic alignment: Aligning strategies for improved content supply chain management.
  • Planning & prioritization: Effective planning and prioritization of marketing workflows.
  • Streamlined execution: Automating various stages of content creation and campaign execution.
  • Collaboration & approvals: Enhancing collaboration and approval processes within marketing teams.
  • Measurement & optimization: Achieving measurement and optimization of campaign performance from ideation to delivery.
Session Focus
  • Understanding the Power of "AAA" - how each component contributes to Automate, Amaze, and Accelerate the supply chain.
  • Exploring how automating the supply chain brings tangible benefits.
  • Replacing manual interventions with automation to accelerate the end-to-end process.
  • Monitoring, measuring, and creating delightful Customer Experiences (CX) with a 360° view of campaign performance, from ideation to delivery.

    The event was a valuable gathering for professionals and experts seeking insights into enhancing content supply chains and leveraging analytics to create outstanding customer experiences.