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How does Axeno manage AWS Requirements
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AWS support and managed services help you to manage your applications effectively. When you have dedicated teams working in collaboration, you can provide customized solutions to the customers by understanding their complex requirements.

The blog discusses how AWS support and managed services from Axeno can create a world-class impact on customers worldwide

Let us try and understand how the roles and responsibilities of different functions at Axeno:

AWS Managed Services from Axeno

The AWS Managed service level is designed for customers who need comprehensive 24×7 management, alerting, and incident response for their environment, with SLAs as low as 30 minutes. The managed service level provides a total of 24×7 operational support for your Public Cloud environment and includes additional services such as monitoring, patching operating system support, and database management.

  • Access to AWS Partner funding programs
  • Pricing agreements and volume discounts that customer qualifies for are passed-through directly, all the benefits from Axeno at this tier are at no cost to you
  • Cloud adoption support includes access to webinars, events, and references to industry general best-practice reference architectures
  • Simplified billing enabling simple monthly invoicing with custom bill splitting and chargeback processing
  • Technical support of the AWS Platform
  • Escalations to AWS engineers, if required, through the Partner-Led AWS Enterprise Support program
  • Designated Technical Account Manager assigned to your organization
  • Annual Cloud Architecture Reviews to ensure that you are following best practices
  • Onboarding program to define a list of runbooks
  • Best practice configuration of AWS services
  • Patch management for designated operating systems
  • Monitoring for automated alerts based on system events and defined metric criteria
  • Deployment of new infrastructure based on agreed-upon Customer service runbooks
  • Helping with application-level troubleshooting, and working with customer’s application development, security, and performance teams. This number of such extended offerings is subject to a stack of an application being deployed by the customer on AWS as well as will be limited to 2 incidents per quarter

Service Reporting

Axeno provides regular reporting as part of our Public Cloud Managed Service practice. During the review, your Technical Account Manager will review the current state of your Cloud account, including spend, performance, and any proactive measures that need to be taken. They will also review any tickets opened during the previous month and provide any status updates on future-state goals & roadmap. Additionally, any other key items that may come up will also be discussed. After the initial onboarding phase, the meeting cadence may include:

  • First Meeting – Review of architecture and uptime & SLA requirements; review of end-state architecture roadmap. Review of any immediate changes required to meet uptime & performance SLA’s; Review any immediate proactive cost control measures; review of Governance & Security goals; review of AWS Trusted Advisor recommendations.
  • Monthly Meetings – Review of any tickets opened in the previous month; Discussion of cloud spending; review of any changes; review of the overall performance of the cloud environment, and any proactive changes needed to get ahead of customer objectives. Note: If the total cost of the managed services is below $2,000 per month, then this meeting is combined with the Quarterly meeting.
  • Quarterly Meetings – Review of regular Monthly items; Review of SLA & uptime; Review of progress toward roadmap goals; Evaluation of the roadmap to ensure objectives still meet business requirements.
  • Annual Review – Overall review of service delivery during the year. Status of goals & objectives and how we tracked toward it, Review of SLA & uptime during the year.

Axeno Support team

Account Executive

  • Manages the overall relationship between you and Axeno
  • Ensures all business transactions are of mutual value and conducted according to sound governance practices
  • Acts as an escalation point for any potential customer satisfaction opportunities
  • Facilitates the procurement of any contracts required (upgrades, replacements, and remediation) that is outside of the scope of the service level of managed services.

Cloud Adoption Team

  • Provides proactive general guidance via standard documentation, white papers, and reference architectures for AWS products and services for generalized use cases
  • Provides awareness of Axeno and partner-led events and webinars to help enable your organization with your cloud transformation
  • Assists with Reserved Instance purchases and conversions upon customer request
  • Responsible for new customer walkthroughs of the AWS Console
  • Responsible for guiding customers through the onboarding process

Technical Account Management Team

  • Regular cadence calls to review customer’s cloud adoption journey and desired business outcomes
  • Communication and education around best practices for cloud transformation, backed by the Well-Architected Framework
  • Configuring custom cost reports based on customer requirements, setting up budgets and alerts, and offering additional insight into costs and potential savings
  • Education and guidance around AWS Partner Programs – Funding Programs and Volume Discount Programs
  • Monitors and manages the delivery of managed services to ensure smooth onboarding, operations, and customer satisfaction
  • Leads regular service improvement meetings with the customer and any appropriate third parties and documents resulting in recommendations in a service improvement plan
  • Follows through any actions, issues, and service improvement opportunities highlighted at service review meetings
  • Manages the overall execution of the service improvement plan (backed by a team of certified cloud engineers)
  • Manages the coordination of any work required (upgrades, replacements, and fixes) that is outside of the scope of the service level of managed services
  • Reviews upcoming patches for the future month


The blog discusses how different teams are aware of their job responsibilities and know how to get things done. If you are an existing AWS customer, looking for a valued partner to help you adopt the AWS platform and its technical capabilities or even a new customer looking to evaluate potential options, you can get in touch with our team so that we can take things forward. Mail us your query at [email protected]