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Top Reasons to Invest in New Relic
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Imagine you decide to build a web app that can be an e-commerce website or even a social networking platform. Normally, you will be needing a hosting platform to deploy your changes. You have to either host it on cloud or on your dedicated server. In the beginning, you see that things are working perfectly due to low traffic and less customer base. As the app gets better with new features and enhancements, you will notice more people visiting the website. This impacts app performance, and the page viewing begins to slow down. The customers are not really satisfied with the overall app experience which results in revenue being impacted. You would like to know where to start or how to fix the aspects that are causing trouble. This is where you rely on the New Relic.

Organizations in a bid to troubleshoot often dive into a vast archive of logs or repositories to determine the performance of the server. You can also trace the source of an error during testing or try to reproduce errors that have occurred on the production server. If there is no success, you try to identify performance bottlenecks that only show up in the production environment. This leads to unnecessary effort and resources being wasted without too much success.

Let us try and understand the New Relic and why it is worth investing in this new upcoming platform:

What is the New Relic platform?

New Relic is an observability platform founded in 2008 that helps you build better software. You can bring in data from any digital source so that you can fully understand your system and how to improve it.

Things to Consider Before Choosing an APM

APM solutions enable you to:

  • Track key transactions
  • Narrow down where bottlenecks, vulnerabilities, and errors are happening within your application environment.

These solutions also come with error tracking and analytics capabilities to further help triage issues that happen in production environments. Thus, reducing the amount of time and effort spent in tracing the root cause of an application failure.

Whether you are part of a software development team trying to create robust applications or a C-suite executive trying to make data-driven business decisions, application monitoring solutions can help you visualize performance across all boards.

Ideally, you would need a suite of solutions to help track everything from your applications down to the servers. APM solutions help collate, store and analyze application data. Such analysis helps developers spot trends in error rates and response times. This also aids in the creation of high-performance, stable applications.

Like all other products, APM solutions aren’t designed to cater to all types and sizes of business. Your particular use case affects the choice of an APM solution.

  • Do you require a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use solution with essential features?
  • Do you need one or two dashboards that deliver only the most critical metrics?
  • Or do you prefer an advanced solution that contains sophisticated modules and dashboards? Specifically designed for use by large enterprises and very skilled personnel.

You should also look out for specific features that are indispensable to your industry and particular use case. To help you make this choice, we’ve put together a review of New Relic’s monitoring solutions.

Here are the top reasons which show why you should Invest in New Relic: New Relic has a full suite of monitoring solutions with various capabilities. All of which help enterprises:

  • Detect user-facing issues,
  • Improve the quality of their code,
  • Attain powerful performance insights,
  • Enhance browser-side performance.

It is one of the largest players in the APM industry that offer several products for:

  • Real-time analytics
  • Production Monitoring
  • Application Development
  • Cloud Migration
  • Mobile Application management
  • Infrastructure monitoring

New Relic offers advanced analytic abilities through dashboards. Currently, over 17,000 businesses rely on New Relic’s suite to solve their business and technological challenges. Half of these businesses are Fortune 500 companies. New Relic comes with plugins for seamless integration with popular technologies like:

  • MySQL
  • Amazon Web Services
  • HAProxy
  • Elasticsearch - It helps to bring all your data together. You can import data from across your technology stack using agents, integrations, and APIs that can be accessed using the single UI.
  • It helps to analyze the data where you can find the root cause of the problems and then optimize your systems accordingly.
  • The system allows you to proactively detect anomalies and issue a warning before they become really big problems.
  • It helps you to respond to incidents much faster.
  • It helps to improve the overall end-user experience because you are in total control of the system and clearly monitor different data trends.


This platform helps you to build better software solutions by closely monitoring different data trends. If you are looking for an exceptional platform that can not only fully understand the overall system view but can also improve it.

Axeno is a NewRelic implementation partner. With our marketing automation, experience design solutions, and DevOps services, we assist brands in creating seamless omnichannel experiences. You can reach out to our team at [email protected].