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  • Dual Platform Integration: The project required a seamless integration between Sitecore, mainly serving as a front-end solution, and AEM, known for its exceptional content authoring capabilities.
  • Content Exportation: Exporting HTML content from AEM to Sitecore posed a significant challenge, with a focus on mirroring the component structure for the upcoming Phase-2.
  • Feedback Workflow: The integration of Bazaarvoice for capturing customer feedback, processing it through AEM's workflows, and real-time publishing of approved content presented both technical and operational hurdles.
  • Backend Authoring in AEM: Content authors were empowered with AEM's powerful content management capabilities, enabling efficient content creation and management.
  • Dynamic Content Exportation: Custom scripts and workflows were developed to export HTML content from AEM while maintaining component structure, ensuring a smooth transition and a consistent look for Phase-2.
  • Bazaarvoice Integration: The site was seamlessly integrated with Bazaarvoice to capture real-time customer feedback, which was then incorporated into AEM's workflow.
  • AEM-Based Approval Workflow: An efficient and streamlined workflow was established in AEM for reviewing, moderating, and approving Bazaarvoice feedback. Approved comments were then seamlessly integrated into the Sitecore-based site in real-time.
  • Phase-2 Preparations: Efforts were made to align the component structures in AEM as closely as possible to the real site, facilitating a smoother transition to a full-fledged AEM site in Phase-2.
  • Enhanced Content Authoring: With the integration of AEM's authoring capabilities, the content team enjoyed a more robust and flexible content creation and management environment.
  • Real-time Customer Feedback: Through Bazaarvoice integration and the AEM workflow, the company engaged with its audience in real-time, building trust and fostering a sense of community.
  • Consistent User Experience: Despite the backend transition, users experienced a consistent and unified interface, thanks to the seamless integration between Sitecore and AEM.
  • Preparedness for Phase-2: With the component structures in AEM closely mirroring the real site, the company was well-prepared for a smoother transition in Phase-2.

This project exemplified the innovative fusion of two leading CMS platforms, leveraging their respective strengths. By integrating AEM's authoring capabilities with Sitecore's frontend, coupled with real-time
customer feedback integration, the company enhanced its digital presence and established a robust foundation for future growth.