<p>Enhancing Maxlife's Digital Experience Through AEM Migration</p>

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  • Feature Limitations: AEM 6.2 lacked advanced features, limiting the website's capability to engage users effectively.
  • Performance Concerns: Outdated infrastructure led to performance issues, affecting user engagement and retention.
  • SEO Optimization: The existing platform struggled to provide automated SEO capabilities, impacting search engine visibility. 
  • AEM Migration: We migrated Maxlife's corporate website from AEM 6.2 to the upgraded AEM 6.5, unlocking a range of new features.
  • Enhanced Features: The migration introduced user-generated content sections, automated SEO, PWAs on product pages, dynamic ratings, schema updates, and more.
  • Performance Optimization: Through code refactoring and repository restructuring, we optimized AEM's performance, ensuring a seamless browsing experience. 
  • Advanced Features: Users can now explore user-generated content, experience PWAs, and benefit from enhanced SEO capabilities.
  • Improved Engagement: Meta tag authoring, user permission management, and schema updates led to personalized user experiences and improved engagement.
  • Elevated Position: The migration elevated Maxlife's digital presence, improving customer engagement, enhancing business metrics, and cementing its position as a leading life insurance provider.