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About Maxlife
Maxlife is a prominent financial services company dedicated to providing life insurance solutions. Committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences, Maxlife sought to migrate its corporate website from AEM 6.2 to the latest version, 6.5, while introducing new features and optimizing performance.
Financial Services
Business Type
Life Insurance Provider
Life Insurance Solutions, Financial Planning, Retirement Planning
About Maxlife
AEM Migration and Enhanced Features for Maxlife

Our collaboration with Maxlife focused on migrating their corporate website from AEM 6.2 to the advanced AEM 6.5 version. The project aimed to achieve user experience objectives and improve overall business metrics. New features such as user-generated content sections, automated SEO capabilities, PWAs on product pages, meta tag authoring, user permission management, schema updates, dynamic rating, performance enhancements, and AEM headless readiness were introduced. In Phase I, we successfully migrated over 170 components and 500+ content pages to AEM 6.5, laying the foundation for further enhancements in Phase II across functional and non-functional areas.

1. Local setup of AEM 6.2 using pattern detector for analysis
2. Archetype update from AEM 6.2 to AEM 6.5.11 project
3. Codebase dependency update to ensure compatibility with AEM 6.5
4. Repository node structure changes to align with AEM 6.5.11 standards
5. Implementation of AMS CM pipeline for seamless build and deployment
6. Code refactoring to meet AMS CM pipeline standards
7. Creation of AEM 6.5.11 runbook for instance setup
8. Code optimization to enhance AEM server performance
9. Thorough testing on QA and staging servers to ensure reliability and functionality
10. Implementation of ACL to grant specific component permissions to user groups

The successful migration of Maxlife's corporate website to AEM 6.5 unlocked a host of new features and improved performance. Users can now explore user-generated content, benefit from enhanced SEO capabilities, and enjoy a seamless browsing experience through PWAs. The website's meta tags, user permissions, and schema updates ensure greater visibility and personalized experiences. The project resulted in heightened customer engagement, improved business metrics, and elevated Maxlife's position as a leading life insurance provider.

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Our Services Provided
User Research
Content Audit
SEO Analysis
Migration Strategy
Component Mapping
Feature Implementation
Design & Improve
User-Generated Content Section Design
SEO Automation
PWAs Integration
Meta Tag Authoring
Schema Updates
Performance Optimization
User Permission Management
Dynamic Rating
AEM Headless Readiness
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