How Does CDP Help Organizations to get 3X ROI _

What Is Adobe Experience Platform (AEP) Web SDK?

BackgroundIf you are an avid Adobe Experience Cloud developer/Practioner working with Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign, etc., one widespread problem you must have encountered is the lack of a uniform way of collecting data across the solutions. Complicating things further,...
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What Types Of CDPs Are Available?

Customer data platforms are in the limelight right now for a good reason, and brands are not missing the opportunity to expand their business by taking all the advantage they can with the help of CDPs. To refresh your memory, let...
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How Does CDP Help Organizations to get 3X ROI ?

As 2022 is about to end, and 2023 will soon be upon us, more and more companies and their marketing teams will be contemplating the idea of adding customer data platforms into their tech stack. However, this will surely bring confusion...
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