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Why Are Brands Focusing On Customer Data Platforms?

The reason behind the sudden growth in demand for the CDP is that now more than ever, marketers are keen on analysing the data to explore and understand customer behaviour on a granular level compared to a broader segment level. The...
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Data Lakes vs. Data Warehouses_ How to Differentiate_

Data Lakes vs. Data Warehouses: How to Differentiate?

Both data lakes and data warehouses are widely used for storing big data. While their purpose might not seem much different, the terms data lake and data warehouse cannot be used interchangeably. Customer data platform (CDP) is also emerging to the...
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What is Data Warehouse?

A data warehouse is a type of data management system that is supposed to support and enable businesses in the analysis of their data and business intelligence activities. Data warehouses usually contain a tremendous amount of historical data intended to help...
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